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Welcome to soft skills! 

The most common question I get is what exactly are soft skills?  In short, Soft Skills are the characteristics that define you as a human being. Honesty, integrity, empathy and trustworthiness to name just a few.

And here’s why they’re so important to your future. If you’re looking for a job then you’re competing with everyone that’s looking for a job.  If the job you seek requires a special degree or technical certification then you’re competing with everyone that has that degree or certification so in reality, you’re just part of a smaller subgroup.  None of which makes you unique.

What does make you unique is you.  Do you have integrity, empathy and compassion?  Are you trustworthy, dependable and reliable?  Do you understand customer service and what it means to the business world?  In other words, do you have the soft skills required by employers?

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